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19.04.2012 Dite addio agli...
16.06.2011 Cheaters of 2011
23.03.2011 Liga results: 3 awards
04.02.2011 ESL raped by vRs
01.01.2011 New year new ESL award
16.12.2010 1st and 3th place Liga
13.12.2010 1st place ITF Tournament
29.11.2010 New ESL Award: Cod BO
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Website Dite addio agli...
Date: 19.04.2012 - 18:08
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

Invano ho cantato vittoria non una, non due, non tre ma forse cento volte nella mia lotta contro gli spam bot che assediano il nostro sito da anni. Forse oggi è davvero giunta la fine perchè mi sono deciso ad aggiornare Webspell. Non l'ho fatto prima perchè, come solo Wolf può comprendermi, è un lavoro abbastanza disumano che richiede giorni. Stranamente però ha funzionato senza se e senza ma perciò diamo un caloroso saluto agli spam bot!

Fanculo alle air jordan!
Fanculo alle borse vuitton!
Fanculo a wow gold!

Continuate voi se vi va amused L'insulto è libero e gratuito.

Tenete a mente che probabilmente tornerà qualche bot umano Cinese - si perchè esistono anche quelli che lo fanno per lavoro - ma sicuramente non sarà più lo spam massivo al quale eravamo abituati. Ora finalmente tornerò a frequentare il sito più spesso invece di passare le ore a pulire.

p.s. Vi piacciono le sorprese shock? Leggi qui!

[7] comments, latest by stinfo - 16.06.2012 - 12:20

Community Cheaters of 2011 Italy
Date: 16.06.2011 - 21:17
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

Epic picture deserves a news. We all know that nowadays being a cheater on Swat4 is not something serious. Even if someone bust you with tens of videos you just need to stay in a we-support-cheaters-clan and you will be protected by all your clan mates free! - being a cheater is required ofc - This is the tactic:
  1. The guy who busted you with cheats is a no lifer nazi-fascist bastard, kennedy's assassin and so on
  2. What you see in the videos is not cheat, it's lag, bug or god's fault for sure
  3. Record new video of you with no cheats (remember to disable them!)
  4. "I was second at the end of the round!" someone think that it's one of the best way to prove that you are not a cheater... who btw?
  5. Finally, if all the above methods didn't worked, just say "Oh fuck i didn't know that i have cheats! Fuck! Who is the bastard that has installed cheats on my pc?" or say that you have a special edition with cheats included by default... stupid Sierra!

And then you have The New Cheater of 2011! Click to enlarge

p.s. yep, xxx is not only for porno. It's also the most famous we-support-cheaters-clan on Swat4 so be careful when you see one of them cheating! It's an optical illusion you stupid dumbass!

[5] comments, latest by x4nD - 28.06.2011 - 14:22

Community Liga results: 3 awards Italy
Date: 23.03.2011 - 22:29
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

Let's dust off our award page in march. Here you can find all results of Liga tournaments of Swat4 and Haxball. We had 1 team for Swat4 and 2 teams for Haxball. Most important is that in collaboration with Liga Multiplayer we set up the first Virus & Liga Swat4 Tournament so double gg for the organization and the award. We have 3th place for Swat4 and 1st and 2nd for Haxball (Lineup: Estonia Maverick and Kubo).

http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.pngvRs Made In Naples 3th place
  • Kubo
  • Wolfcub
  • Kaisersoze
  • Dumiii

[3] comments, latest by Kian - 24.03.2011 - 15:32

Esl ESL raped by vRs Italy
Date: 04.02.2011 - 16:19
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

I was like "wtf?" when Estonia Maverick aka Reason linked me all awards he won in last 20 days on ESL with his Call of Duty Black Op team. Too bad that he's noob and he don't understand that now, thanks to him, this news will be boring because it's full of text to read tongue

http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.png 2° - ESL S&D King of Maps Cup
  • Reason
  • Redline
  • Genewars
  • Black
  • Mudaj
http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.png 3° - ESL S&D Epiphany Cup
  • Reason
  • Redline
  • Genewars
http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.png 3° - ESL Winter Cup
  • Reason
  • Redline
Do you think that it's over? Of course not since all vRs seems addicted to Haxball (football web-browser game) and then yeah we also have Haxball award on ESL and a team tongue

http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.png 3° - ESL Haxball Nightcup
  • Reason
  • Hammer
p.s. He also won Briscola tournament on ESL but i don't wont to post details about it because it's a shame amused

[4] comments, latest by x4nD - 23.03.2011 - 12:55

Community New year new ESL award Italy
Date: 01.01.2011 - 15:26
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

Happy new year vRs. 2010 has passed and on 30.12.2010 we have won the last award of the year, the 14th of the year, with Call of Duty BO team in the ESL S&D 3on3 Last Year Cup - lineup: Reason, Redline, GeneWars. Let me summarize all our victories of 2010.

http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 18.01 Swat4 - ESL 2on2 Ladder EU
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 13.03 Swat4 - ESL 3on3 Ladder EU
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_silver_3_mini.png 17.03 Call Of Duty MW2 - Liga Capture The Flag
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_bronze_3_mini.png 17.03 Call Of Duty MW2 - Liga Capture The Flag
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 03.04 Swat4 - ESL 3on3 Ladder EU
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 11.04 Swat4 - ESL 3on3 Ladder EU
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_bronze_3_mini.png 13.06 Swat4 - ESL 3on3 Plus Beautiful May Cup
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_silver_3_mini.png 03.08 Swat4 - ESL 1on1 Killing ne Softly
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 11.11 Swat4 - Liga Operation Flash Point
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_bronze_3_mini.png 29.11 Call of Duty BO - ESL S&D 3on3 Testing Cup
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 13.12 Swat4 - Torneo ITF-GMC
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_bronze_3_mini.png 14.12 Swat4 - Liga 3on3 Swat Returned
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_gold_3_mini.png 15.12 Swat4 - Liga 3on3 Swat Returned
http://www.virusgaming.net/extra/awards/award_star_bronze_3_mini.png 30.12 Call of Duty BO - S&D 3on3 Last Year Cup

Annual report
  • 2007 3 awards
  • 2008 8 awards
  • 2009 19 awards
  • 2010 14 awards

[1] comment, latest by kubo - 01.01.2011 - 17:33

Swat4 1st and 3th place Liga Italy
Date: 16.12.2010 - 01:01
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

In the last 3 days we disputed 3 finals two for 1st place and one for 3th place in 2 different torunaments with different rules and teams. The result is good in both since we won all the matches. With this news i'm referring in particular to Swat Returned for Swat4. The finals were versus WTF and IKA. Too bad that Omega team could have reach the final vs their clan mates but they lost a match for no show. 2 players with pc explosion, 1 in military forces and 1 gay my lovely Albert.


http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.png=vRs= virus esports 1st place
  • Kubo
  • Fury
  • Dumi
  • Eneru
  • KaiserSoze

http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/756_1256768415.png=vRs= Omega 3th place
  • Ocean
  • Kian
  • Albert
  • Vendetta

[7] comments, latest by KaiserSoze - 22.12.2010 - 20:26

Swat4 1st place ITF Tournament Italy
Date: 13.12.2010 - 21:54
Author: Kian
Links: n/a

Unfortunately we couldn't play the final versus KTN. We won the final by points (total won points) with a stupid no-show but it's not our fault. Let's see the stats of this tournament. Please note that there are team with strange stats because they were disqualified.

Group A
virus eSports W3/L0 +607
ItalianTaskForce W2/L1 +389
|IKA| W1/L2 -324
r|A|v W0/L3 -672

Group B
iBadi W4/L0 +41
xXx W2/L3 +422
ExAequo W2/L1 +14
Ownage W1/L2 -40
Fm W0/L3 -486

371 virus eSports vs. xXx 293
311 iBadi vs. ITF 207

607 virus eSports vs. iBadi 41 (won by points)
229 xXx vs. ITF 223

1. virus eSports http://www.virusgaming.net/images/news-pics/808_1266247370.gif
2. iBadi
3. xXx

As i know the result of this tournament should be published on GMC (a computer magazine). I'll attach the scan of the page when it will be released.

[9] comments, latest by kubo - 09.02.2011 - 13:04

Esl New ESL Award: Cod BO Italy
Date: 29.11.2010 - 14:29
Author: Kian
Links: ESL Rankings

Maybe this is unexpected victory since we don't even have the server (paid from weeks but still in gameservers.com waiting list. It simply sucks). It's unexpected also because Call of Duty Black Ops is a new game and this is the first IT cpu. This is the line-up:
  • Maverick
  • Hammer
  • Siciliano
  • Dumii
  • Gemin1
  • GoldenEye
  • RedLine
  • Ripper

Thay played 5 matches and they won 4. New award for vRs (40th award amused). This is the first one from Call of Duty Black Ops. 3th place in 3on3 Search & Destroy Testing Cup after defeating OX team. Gg

[5] comments, latest by HaRdStyLe ak q0ntrol - 30.11.2010 - 00:58

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